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Account Access

How to access client Performance Reports via CIRStatements

Go to or click the access button below.


You must go to the website and click on the “Registration” rectangle.

You’ll be prompted to enter your SSN and the Client Temp Password (CLIENT123), then click the “submit” button.

The next screen contains a User Agreement that you will need to read and then click the “Accept” button.

The following screen will ask you to select your own private “User Name and Password” some additional personal information will be required. Then hit “Next.”

A Registration Confirmation screen will appear, then just click on the “GO” button.

Scott Parsons will then approve your registration and you will then receive an automatically-generated notification email authorizing you to access the Performance Reporting section within CIRStatements.

Remember Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. and/or Scott Parsons will not have any records of your Password, please, write it down, thank you!